Building Self-Esteem and Confidence One Child at a Time
Develop Your child’s Creativity, Imagination and Think Outside the Box Skills
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Our Mission and Vision
Any great organization starts with a mission and from there, develops a vision.
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Every Child Has a Story’s mission is to empower children and teens by becoming the bridge in the village it takes to raise a child, connecting families in a reciprocal learning experience

Our Services

The Writers Vibe is a program dedicated to increasing literary skills I youth by stimulating creative and critical thinking ….

Young writers must be enrolled in the Writers Vibe Course.  Youth Talk Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine created ….

A child who can convey his or her thoughts to an audience of 1-1000 in a manner in which it is fully understood…


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There are simply a lot of choices one can make when looking for a dynamic educational experience for a child.

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Helping Students is the Key

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a child develop right before your eyes.  Children grow up fast, perhaps faster than we want. An excellent learning experience is critical. Our young people are important. We are leaving this world to them.  Help them become better stewards of the environment, communities, and the many people within them. 

Why Choose Every Child Has a Story?

There are simply a lot of choices one can make when looking for a dynamic educational experience for a child. However, you will not find another organization like Every Child Has a Story. Our programs have been created with your child in mind.  We are the place where your child learns to dream in color, that their voices matter, that they are powerfully informative and eager and ready to think outside the box.  Every child has their own learning process, and we respect that.  Not everyone learns the same way, nor do they process information the same.  At Every Child Has a Story, that is just fine.  We are changing the paradigm for today’s youth and helping them to develop and deploy strategies  that lead to success and allows them to create legacies.  We turn no child away who has a desire to learn

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